A Project of Passion

You’ll be happy to know we’ve just received the latest shipment of sauces from Rick and Laura at The Chilli Project and Grizzly Garlic is back in stock.

The Chilli Project company has been around about three years; however, Rick and Laura Saunders’s ‘project’ has been going a lot longer than the business. Rick has some serious ‘chilli-head’ pedigree. I’ve known him from online forums and social media groups going back many years and he has also participated in some high profile chilli eating contests. Rick and Laura’s passion for capsaicin naturally evolved in the kitchen where they began experimenting with sauce recipes and testing them out on friends and family. This was going on for years. I’ve lost track of when Rick started buying chillies from us and it could be as many as 10 years ago but certainly long before the commercial venture was launched.

Today their business is thriving and growing from strength to strength. The products are fantastic. Many sport the extremely prestigious great taste award and they sell themselves. My favourite is the Scotch Bonnet Pickle which is one of my ‘go to’ sauces for absolutely anything. But from a sales perspective Grizzly Garlic Chilli Sauce is the real stand out. Not too much heat and if you love garlic you will absolutely devour this sauce. I love it on sausages or roasted vegetables or you can mix it with mayo or soured cream to make a terrific dipping sauce.

Obviously The Chilli Project products are available here. Just scroll down and you can buy them straight away; however, if you want to really know about this fantastic brand and the passionate couple behind it you need to track them down. They hail from Surrey and you can frequently find them at exclusive markets and festivals in Epsom, Horsham, Leatherhead and surrounding areas. Here’s their Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/TheChilliProject and their website is at https://www.chilliproject.co.uk/

Rick and Laura visited us for the first time with the N.E.U.K. Chilli Heads group last year but we are hoping to coax them back up to see us during our 2021 harvest. Try their products and join us in supporting this fantastic couple and their delicious enterprise.

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