Pre-order 25 Culinary Chilli Plants

Pre-order 25 Culinary Chilli Plants


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Pre-order 25 culinary chilli plants.  Please list your preference of varieties in the “Order notes” field on the checkout page and we will do our best to try to include your choices or similar varieties.  We’ll do our very best to match your requirements.  These chilli plants will be grown-to-order here at the Chilli Ranch by Edible Ornamentals during the 2024 season.    When they are ready, we will contact you so you can collect.

These are not ‘plug plants’.  They will be re-potted into either one or two litre pots using good quality compost.

This offer is for 25 culinary chilli plants.  The price is £87.50.

Please note that this order will show ‘Local Pickup’.  When your plants are ready for collection we will contact you to book an appointment.    Wholesale plants are sold for collection from the Chilli Ranch (postcode MK44 3BL).  Please bring boxes, crates, etc. to transport the plants.

Terms and Conditions:  Please refer to our Trade/Wholesale – Chilli Ranch page for a detailed description of our pre-order chilli programme, our services, and terms and conditions.

Here’s an example of of varieties frequently available.

Numex Twilight
Prairie FireSuper Chilli F1
Basket of Fire
Peter Pepper
Hungarian Black
Paper Lantern Habanero
Cherry Bomb
Fresno (AKA Bullet Chilli) Red
Pimientos de Padrón
Scotch Bonnet (red)
Habanero Red
Orange Habanero
Chocolate Habanero
Lemon Drop (aji limon)



Thanks for your Pre-order 25 Culinary Chilli Plants.