Trade/Wholesale Information Updated 26 Nov. 2023

Since 2001 our multi-award winning Edible Ornamentals chilli ranch has been growing and supplying FRESH BRITISH-GROWN chilli peppers to some of the best artisan producers, delicatessens, farm shops, restaurants, wholesalers, and independent retailers across the United Kingdom and Europe. We produce tons of hot peppers which are either supplied directly to our customers or processed here on-site in our five-stars-on-the-doors production kitchen facility. We grow for flavour, size, and appearance and we aim to pick fresh for every order.  Our ethos is simple: We grow and cook with passion and skill to the very highest standards. No compromises.
Our Trade/Wholesale offering includes fresh chillies, frozen chillies, batch-dried & smoked chillies, and chilli plants.  We also produce a selection of our own handmade small batch gourmet products (hot sauces, chilli jams, rubs, etc.) which are sold under our own Edible Ornamentals brand and other brands we own.
OTHER SERVICES: We can also…

  • Private Label/White label/Contract Package (Copacker):   We will cook and package our products with your label or we can cook and package your own recipe for you.  
  • We can help get your product market-ready through test batch cooks, calculation of nutritional information, shelf life testing, costings, etc.
  • We can advise on printing and packaging.
  • We can host consumer tasting panels where we gather written, independent feedback on your products.
  • We can offer professional advice on catering, batch cooking, and compliance with HACCP planning and documentation.
  • The Chilli Ranch is available as a unique meeting & event venue and our two commercial kitchens are available to rent when they’re not in use.

If you’re interested in any of our products or services please get in touch. Ring us on +44 (0) 1480 405663 or
+44(0) 7973 537603 or email

To lock-in the best prices all year for wholesale chillies we offer discounts to our trade and retail customers who place pre-orders for chillies, tomatillos, and chilli plants, in January.  Your order is confirmed by paying a 20% deposit and we will invoice you the remainder when they are ready to ship.  When we are ready to pick we will contact you to let you know your chillies are coming and we will pick and ship within 24 hours so you receive the freshest Bedfordshire grown hot peppers.
Why pre-order chillies or plants from us?  

  • You’ll receive the FRESHEST pods available in the UK.  We literally pick, pack, and ship within 24 hours.  The only way you’ll get fresher chilli peppers is to grow them yourself.
  • You’ll gain access to unique, niche varieties which are not commercially available elsewhere.
  • You’ll know ahead of time what prices you’ll be paying for chillies in the upcoming season.    
  • We’ll grow your chillies (or tomatillo’s) using modern growing techniques which are extremely friendly to the environment and without spraying chemical pesticides.   
  • Save money.  All pre-orders receive a percentage discount off of the posted wholesale prices.
  • You won’t be at risk to the whims of the wholesale markets such as lack of availability or price fluctuation or the risk of pesticide contamination. 
  • You’ll be working with the best of the best in the UK chilli industry.  We’re family run and entering our 21st season trading in the UK chilli industry and with our focus on quality and customer satisfaction.
  • The opportunity to showcase YOUR products to tens of thousands of chilli-mad visitors who visit our ranch in Chawston every season to pick fresh peppers, attend tours and cookery classes and chilli-growing workshops, and TASTE hundreds of different products and fresh pods.
  • ​Our business has been built on collaborations and working together in partnership with other producers.  As these businesses have grown, so too has the size of their orders.  Not to mention that our onsite shop is probably the busiest specialist chilli shop in the UK and we sell thousands of products produced by our customers.  We truly do have a vested interest in your success.
    Please contact me directly (Shawn Plumb) either by phone (07973 537603) or email at to get more information or to place orders.

Here’s some detailed information about how the pre-order programme works.
General information on pre-orders:

  1. Pre-orders can be placed right here on the website at this link  If you are interested in varieties not listed, wish to order 50kg or more, are interested in other services such as while label or contract packaging, or if you just have some questions, you can drop me an email at or give me a ring at 01480 504663.
  2. IMPORTANT:  For 2024 we can only accept pre-orders until our order book is full or midnight, 12 January 2024 (whichever comes first).  All wholesale pre-orders will be removed from the website at that time or prior if our order book fills up before that time.
  3. On receipt of your deposit we’ll send an order confirmation and we’ll add the order to the growing programme (and we’ll sow seeds).
  4. We’ll contact you to arrange for delivery when they’re ready.
  5. With the exception of chilli plants (see below) orders can be collected, shipped, or delivered by us.  This will be agreed when we contact you to ship the order and postage and packaging costs will be included in your invoice.  Orders under 2kg total will be shipped via Royal Mail and packages between two kilos and 24 kilos will be shipped via our courier service (currently UPS).
  6. We’ll contact you about one week prior to delivery so you can prepare to receive the pods.  We’ll work with you to arrange the delivery dates; however, if you request to delay or postpone the shipment of your chillies by more than one week we’ll convert the pre-order to a frozen pre-order and you will be invoiced at the frozen rate instead of fresh.  The chillies will remain in our freezer until delivery can be arranged.  We will charge storage for any chillies that remain in our freezers longer than 30 days.
  7. WHOLESALE PRICES:  We’ll apply our WHOLESALE prices to any orders of 5kg of or more, 20 chilli plants or more, or two (2) cases of gourmet products or more.
  8. Depending on the order you should expect multiple deliveries.  They don’t all ripen at the same time.  We’ll pick and ship what we can.  Check your invoice carefully as we’ll only charge you for what we are able to pick and ship to you at that time.
  9. Pod shapes:  Over the years we’ve had the occasional complaint about the shapes of pods not matching customer expectations.  It is important for customers to be aware that many well-known varieties of chillies are notoriously unstable and produce different shaped pods regardless of the provenance of the seeds.  You can be assured we use the highest quality ‘commercially available seed’ from reputable seed suppliers for all varieties we grow.  Alternatively, we can discuss using your own seeds.
  10. Pod colour:  At the time of pre-order you can request your chillies be delivered in a particular colour (e.g. green, red, yellow or orange in some cases) and we’ll do everything we can to deliver in that colour.  If you’re waiting for ripe pods please bear in mind that some varieties ripen very slowly and as we get to the end of the season, ripening slows down and virtually stops for some varieties so, for example, one should expect to get mixed colours late in the harvest.  
  11. Undelivered packages.  Occasionally an order will be lost or significantly delayed by the courier.  This can affect the quality of a fresh or frozen product and, in some cases, the fresh produce will be spoiled.  Depending on the value of the order we will ‘try’ to re-send it if we can. Alternatively, we may offer another variety of equivalent value to the lost order.  We will re-send an order only one time.
  12. Pre-Order deposits are not refundable.  If you cancel your order we will not refund your deposit.  Please refer to the terms and conditions below.

Frozen chillies

  1. These chillies are picked, washed, de-stemmed, minced into a 100% purée and frozen in 500g containers. We add nothing.  This is done within 72 hours of picking to ensure we capture the freshest product and maximum flavour and heat.  This is a fantastic, pure, ‘zero-waste’, product ideal for batch cooking. 
  2. If you have placed a pre-order for fresh chillies we will freeze (or dry or smoke) your chillies for a per kg price of £5.00.
  3. These can be collected from the chilli ranch or we’ll send them next day courier delivery and wrapped in special insulated packaging.  They frequently arrive the next day still frozen solid.
  4. You must be available to accept delivery.  We will NOT re-fund or re-ship an order of frozen produce if you were not available to accept the delivery.
  5. Frozen colour:  Most varieties are frozen in their mature colour (e.g. red, yellow); however, some varieties are will be frozen green (Jalapeno) and some mixed colours (Naga, Scotch Bonnet).  If colour is an issue please check with us BEFORE placing an order for frozen chillies.
  6. You can order frozen chillies year round dependent on availability or you can place a pre-order for the upcoming season and we will grow, process, freeze and ship to you when they are ready.

Chilli Plants

  1. More and more of our customers are purchasing chilli plants from us wholesale to sell in their shops or at various events and festivals around the country.  Not only do the plants look fabulous but you can significantly increase your sales and make excellent margin by selling them.
  2. If you wish to buy plants wholesale you must place a pre-order.  Wholesale orders will not be accepted during the season. 
  3. Our plants are established plants (NOT plug plants) and they are sold in either one or two litre pots.  
  4. Wholesale plants are sold for collection only from the Chilli Ranch (postcode MK44 3BL).  Please arrange your own transportation.  We can obtain a quotation for packing and shipping if required.
  5. In some situations we may need to replace one variety with another.  For example if we had a problem with seeds or germination.  We will consult with you if this happens and aim to replace with a similar variety.
  6. Please be aware that occasionally chilli plants don’t turn out to be the variety on the label.  This can happen because of cross-pollination or by getting labels mixed up.  Although we can’t guarantee that this will not happen, we have rigid processes in place in order to reduce the likelihood.
  7. When you place your pre-order for plants please specify the target date that you are looking to collect them.    
  8. Please bring your own crates or boxes in order to transport your plants.

Gourmet Products

  1. Our large commercial batch production kitchen sits just a few steps away from the tunnels and greenhouses.  It is rated with five stars on the doors from our local EHO.  Depending on recipe and kitchen configuration we can produce over 900 jars per day.
  2. We have several brands and more than 50 unique, proven and tested products which can be supplied under our own label or yours.
  3. Products can be purchased from stock during the season or you can pre-order now for delivery later.
  4. Most ‘use by’ dates are 12 months from production and labels comply with all allergen and nutritional reporting information.
  5. Case sizes are typically eight jars but there is some flexibility in this.

Wholesale Terms and Conditions
Edible Ornamentals is a company operated by Cherwood Enterprises Limited incorporated and registered in England with company number 05632889, whose registered office is at Cherwood House, Blue Bells, Chawston, Bedford, MK44 3BL and whose principal place of business is at Cherwood House, Blue Bells, Chawston, Bedford, MK44 3BL 

The following definitions shall apply to the Wholesale Terms and Conditions of Sale.  
‘Content’ – means all plants, seeds, fruits, sauces, horticultural product and all other content shown on the Website, Catalogue or Shop Display.
‘Edible Ornamentals’, ‘us’, ‘we’, ‘our’ – means Cherwood Enterprises Limited.
‘United Kingdom’ – means England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands.
‘Website’ – means the website at
‘you’ and ‘your’  means a wholesale customer. 

To place an order, you must supply Edible Ornamentals with some compulsory personal information. You warrant that the personal information which you are required to provide is true, accurate, current and complete in all respects. You agree not to impersonate any other person or entity or use a false name or a name that you are not authorised to use. We shall use your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. 
You must be at least eighteen (18) years old to order goods from us and by placing an order you therefore warrant that you are at least eighteen (18) years old.

The prices payable for the goods that you order are clearly set out on the Wholesale Price List and are in GBP pounds sterling.  
All prices are expressed inclusive of any VAT that is payable at the relevant prevailing rate in the United Kingdom. 
If charges are applicable for delivery on the goods that you order, you will be informed before your order is accepted.
Prices may vary from time to time and may only be available for limited periods. All prices and offers are subject to availability and may be withdrawn or amended at the discretion of Edible Ornamanelts and at any time.

Every effort is made to ensure that the prices shown are correct. In the unlikely event that an error is made in the price shown, Edible Ornamentals will not be obliged to supply the goods to you at the incorrectly stated price. In these circumstances, we shall not dispatch the goods affected but will notify the correct price to you so that you can decide whether to proceed with your order at that price. If we are unable to contact you using the contact details you provided to us, we shall treat the order as cancelled and notify you. If the pricing error is obvious and unmistakeable and could easily have been recognised by you as a mispricing, we do not have to provide the goods to you at the incorrect price.

Where goods are offered for sale on a pre-order bases, the price shown for those goods is subject to change. In the event that we reduce the price, we will charge you the lower price. In the event that we increase the price, we will charge you the price that was listed on the price list when you placed the order, unless the price was the subject of a pricing error, in which case we shall contact you to advise you of the correct price and if you wish to proceed with the order.  In the event that you have already paid for a product which we subsequently reduce in price, we shall refund you the difference between the original price and the new lower price to the original method of payment. 

Payment for goods and any applicable delivery charges can be made using the following methods of payment; Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, PayPal and BACS Transfer.
Payment is processed by us (a) at the point the order is confirmed by you with respect to payments made by (i) PayPal and (ii) BACS Transfer, or (b) at the point the goods are prepared for dispatch for all other methods of payment. 
Pre-orders must be paid for before the order is accepted to a value of 20% of the total order and shall be held against your account until the goods are ready for dispatch, we request full payment of the order on dispatch.  

Once you have followed the ordering process and have placed an order with us. You will be sent an ‘order confirmation’ or ‘pro-forma invoice’ or ‘invoice’ email detailing the goods you have ordered. Please note that this does not mean that your order has been accepted. 

Completion of the process does not constitute acceptance by us of your offer to purchase goods from us. Our acceptance of the order will take place only when we are ready to dispatch the goods that you ordered.
Your order is an offer to buy goods from Edible Ornamentals. Nothing that we say or do (including receiving payment from you in accordance with your pre-order) will amount to an acceptance of that offer until we actually confirm that the goods are being dispatched.

There will be no contract between you and us unless and until you receive confirmation from us by means of an ‘order dispatch’ email that confirms that the goods you have ordered are being dispatched. At that point (and not before), a contract will come into existence between you and us, for the sale by us, of the ordered goods. At any point up until then, we may decline to supply the goods to you.
If your order is dispatched in more than one package, you shall receive confirmation from us in relation to each package dispatched and each dispatch shall be concluded as a separate contract of sale between you and us. 

If we cannot supply you with the goods you have ordered for whatever reason, we will not process your order and will inform you of this via email and, if you have already paid for the goods, refund you as soon as reasonably possible by way of refund to the original method of payment and including refund of any relevant refundable delivery cost charges. We shall have no liability to you other than by way of refunding any and all monies paid by you to us for the goods we cannot supply.

We shall arrange delivery of the goods to the delivery address in the United Kingdom that you nominate when you place the order. We do not deliver to addresses outside the United Kingdom. Goods may be dispatched and delivered separately.
Any delivery charges that shall apply will be shown when you place an order.  
Delivery shall be made as soon as possible after your order is processed but in any event within fourteen (14) days of us sending you an ‘order dispatch’ email.

Risk of loss and damage of the goods passes to you on the date and time when the goods are delivered to the nominated delivery address.

Where the supply of goods is delayed, or prevented for reasons beyond our control (for example, but not limited to; acts of God, growing conditions, infestation) we will be under no liability to you for such delay.

You may cancel your order at any time before it is processed by emailing If the goods have not been dispatched and we have sufficient time to prevent dispatch, we will not process payment or dispatch the goods. In the event that you cancel your order too late for us to prevent dispatch, or after the goods have already been dispatched, you can refuse to take delivery so that the ordered goods are returned to us and, provided that you have not opened or damaged the ordered goods, we will refund the price paid to the original method of payment. 
If you decide to cancel your order (or part of an order) you should contact us via email at to clearly advise us of your intention to cancel including details of the order (or part of an order) you wish to cancel and your name and address.
You are not entitled to cancel an order for, or return, Fresh or Frozen Chillies, opened sauces or custom white labelled products produced exclusively for you.   
Deposits made for pre-orders are NON-REFUNDABLE in the event you decide to cancel your order.

All goods purchased through the us will correspond with their relevant description, and they will be of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. We do not make any other promises or warranties about the goods.

If you receive goods from us that are damaged upon delivery, you must email us at including details of the order, the damage or fault and your name and address. 

Save in the case of death or personal injury due to the negligence of Edible Ornamentals or where we have acted fraudulently, our total liability to you for any losses suffered by you will be limited to either the amount paid by you for the purchase of the relevant product, or to the provision of a replacement of the product concerned (where the original is returned to us).
We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by us (or our employees, agents or sub-contractors) where such loss is: (i) not a foreseeable result to both you and us (as at the time that you submit your order) of a breach of the relevant legal duty by us; (ii) related to a business; or, (iii) related to loss or damage to premises or property unless caused by our negligence or wilful misconduct.
You are responsible for the use of products that you obtain from us. We exclude all liability to the extent permitted by law, for any costs, losses or damages resulting from or related to your use or attempted use of the products in countries outside the United Kingdom.
Except in respect of a payment obligation, neither of us will be liable to the other for any failure to perform any obligation owed to the other due to causes beyond its reasonable control, for example, industrial disputes, fire, storms, failings of the internet or public communications networks, or technical difficulties.

Edible Ornamentals shall have no liability to you for any failure to deliver goods you have ordered or any delay in doing so or for any damage or defect to goods delivered that is caused by any event or circumstance beyond our reasonable control.

The contract between us shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law and the English courts shall have jurisdiction to resolve any dispute between us. All contracts and correspondence shall be concluded in English.

These Terms set out the entire agreement between you and us and supersede any and all prior terms, conditions, warranties and/or representations to the fullest extent permitted by law.
You confirm that, in agreeing to accept the Terms you have not relied on any representation save insofar as the same has expressly been made a term of these Terms and you agree that you have no remedy in respect of any representation.
These Terms do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer within the United Kingdom.

We reserve the right to change the Terms at any time. Any such change shall take effect when published and it is your responsibility to read the Terms on each occasion that you place an order with us, placing an order shall signify your acceptance to be bound by the then current Terms. If you do not agree to the Terms in their entirety you should not place and order.  

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