Valentine’s Chilli Growers Workshop with FREE Seeds. Only £50.

🌶️ Sow the Seeds of Love this Valentine’s Day! 🌶️

Embrace a spicy twist this Valentine’s Day with our Chilli Growers Workshop for two people special offer designed to ignite passion and cultivate love!
Purchase a voucher for two people to attend our highly acclaimed Chilli Growers Workshop at the Chilli Ranch and receive FREE seeds to kickstart your journey into the fiery world of chilli cultivation.
🎁 Offer Details:
⏰ Approximately two hours of hands-on practical advice.
🌱 Learn everything from propagation to over-wintering your beloved chilli plants.
 £50 per couple.
In this immersive workshop, you’ll master propagation techniques, learn to maximize plant productivity, harvest wisdom and discover over-wintering secrets. Plus, gain valuable insights into pest and disease management.
Why choose our workshop?
🌿 Inclusive Learning
🛠️ Practical Knowledge
👩‍🏫 Expert Guidance
👐 Hands-On Experience
🌞 Year-Round Benefits
Ignite your love for chillies and create unforgettable memories with this perfect Valentine’s gift! Book now at

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