Spicy Thrills: Bedford’s Hottest Destination!
Bedford's Hottest Destination!

The buzz started early yesterday morning with a call from friends tuned into Heart radio. Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden spilled beans about Bedford’s new Universal Studios. But hold onto your hats – Jamie’s snooping revealed our Edible Ornamentals Chilli Ranch in Chawston as Bedfordshire’s top pick! 🌶️💥

Then, the emails flooded in from across the UK and even France – we made it onto page three of The Times! The article, comparing Bedford to Orlando, hailed us as the highest-rated tourist spot on TripAdvisor. Move over, Universal Islands of Adventure!

Huge thanks to all our amazing visitors and reviewers – you’re the real spice of life! Haven’t popped by yet? Dive into our chili and food adventures with a click on our voucher page here or simply drop by any Friday, Saturday, or Sunday for a memorable culinary experience.

Tap into the heart of the action with the clip below! 🎥

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