Ranch update
Shawn, Tomasz, and Joanna from edible ornamentals at the Chilli Ranch.

The lockdown has put so many things on hold; however, here at the ranch we are doing the same things we have been doing for the past 20 years. In December and January we switched on our indoor growing spaces and began our annual campaign of propagating tens of thousands of seeds. We also began clearing the old crop out of the polytunnels and greenhouses and preparing them for the thousands of new chilli plants as they become ready in the upcoming weeks.

In fact, in some ways we’re actually doing more than we would normally do. This season we’ve embarked on a slightly more ambitious task to re-furbish the Heated Greenhouse. If you’ve visited us before you may have noticed the Heated Greenhouse. It is the old wooden glasshouse opposite the patio. The greenhouse is a ‘Dutch Light’ style glasshouse. The term describes the type of wooden framed glass panel that was used to construct these old fashioned hot houses. It has been in a very poor state of repair going right back to when we first purchased Cherwood Nursery in 2007. We bodged it together but it became unsafe and we’ve decided to give it a new lease of life. The new cover will be plastic instead of glass and we get the added benefit of making the site a little safer in the process. We should have finished the work last week but a delay in receiving our plastic coincided with a week of high winds and rain has delayed progress. We’re hoping to finish the work this week. And because we are really ambitious we’ve decided to re-cover Tunnel 9 as well.

While all of the above has been going on we’ve also invested some time in our website with some great new enhancements. In particular it will be much easier for us to share news like this and other important industry information as well as lots of growing and cooking tips and tricks. We’re excited about the new growing season ahead of us and optimistic about how things will improve for everyone in the upcoming months.

Thanks again for your continued support. Without you Edible Ornamentals would cease to be. We hope you and yours stay safe and well and until next time, keep it hot!!!

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