Americans Brew Hottest ever Beer

An American brewery, Maltese Brewing Company, based in Fredericksburg, Virginia, has produced what they believe is the hottest beer in the world. The beer is called “Signal One v2.0” and has already begun claiming victims. The brewery announced the “Signal One Challenge” as a way of promoting interest in their beer. In the challenge, contestants must consume 10 ounces of the burning brew in 10 minutes or less.

The beer is a Pineapple IPA infused with two pounds (appx. 900 grams) of Carolina Reaper chillies per barrel. My chilli head friends will recognize the Carolina Reaper as being the current Hottest Chilli In the World according to Guinness World Records with an average Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) rating of 1.62 million. The chillies used in the brewing are reportedly sourced from the Chattanooga Pepper Company in Tennessee.

Maltese Brewing Company owner Roy Parrish has worked with the University of Mary Washington physics department to calculate the Scoville Heat Units (SHU) of the beer. Apparently it comes in at a heat level of approximately 400,000 SHU and this has been submitted for verification by Guinness with the hopes of achieving the coveted title of Hottest Beer in the World. The results are expected early in 2021 and we will keep you updated on this story.

The Maltese Brewing Company was founded in Fredericksburg, Virginia, by two firefighters in 2015 and has established itself as a premiere local artisan brewery. They have secured several awards including gold, silver, and bronze medals in state and regional brewing competitions and two Beer Army Beer Wars gold medals for its flagship Barnfire Saison.

Over the years I’ve had some great chilli beers and some terrible ones. My favourite was something called Cave Creek Chili Beer. Originally brewed in Cave Creek, Arizona the brand was purchased by a large Mexican brewery and exported around the world. It was a Mexican style lager, similar to Corona, that had a serrano chilli in the bottle. Unfortunately we understand the Mexican brewery discontinued the Cave Creek product.

What is your favourite chilli beer and why?

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