Cholula Original Hot Sauce

Cholula Original Hot Sauce


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Cholula’s Original Hot Sauce: Crafted from a 100-year-old family recipe in Mexico, featuring a signature wooden cap for authenticity. Carefully selected arbol and piquin peppers, along with signature spices, deliver a unique flavour with just the right amount of fiery heat. Perfect for pizza, rice, eggs, and more. Sustainably sourced beechwood caps celebrate Mexican artisanship.

Cholula is licensed by Jose Cuervo, but was founded by the Harrison family, originally of Chapala, Jalisco. Prior to its acquisition, Cholula was produced for three generations in Chapala, and used primarily as an ingredient in “sangrita”, a Mexican non-alcoholic drink often served with tequila.  Following expansion across the Mexican market, Cholula was introduced to the United States in Austin, Texas in 1989.  During the 1990s, Cholula achieved distribution in supermarket chains throughout the American Southwest.  Today it is available nationwide, as well as in many Canadian and British supermarkets.

Cholula Chipotle Hot Sauce signature wooden cap.
Cholula’s signature wooden cap is a distinctive seal of quality and authenticity and symbolizes the care and craftsmanship that go into every bottle of sauce.  Sustainably sourced, these caps are fashioned from beechwood and celebrate the tradition of Mexican artisanship.  The colour of the wooden cap is specifically matched to correlate with each flavour making it a memento long after the sauce is gone.

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