Dad’s Hot Sauce

Dad’s Hot Sauce


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A whizz and a bang, smoky smacker on your tongue, tingling warmth, bazinga, zip zap ka-boom!  It’s Dad’s Hot Sauce and now you know it!

Dad’s Hot Sauce is made with tomatoes, our own chillies including Naga and chipotle, malt vinegar, onions, sugar, garlic and salt.  Our chipotle is made onsite using our own-grown Jalapeno which is slow-smoked using locally sourced British Oak to produce an authentic ingredient.

Use it as a marinade for chicken or burgers.  It’s also ideal for Mexican food such as tacos, enchilada, and nachos.  Top your pasta with it.  And much more.

Invented by a former chef, Dan in 2008, it won Second Place in a blind public tasting in the Hot Sauce category of the Dorset Chilli Festival.

An all time best seller, this sauce is not for the feint hearted and only sold to the extremely brave!