Armageddon chilli SEEDS (approximately 20 seeds)

Armageddon chilli SEEDS (approximately 20 seeds)


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Approximately 20 carefully selected seeds from the new British-bred super-hot chilli fittingly dubbed ‘the Armageddon’. This pepper is being touted as a possible future hottest in the world with reports of Scoville scale ratings of 1.5 million. Scoville or Scoville Heat Units (SHU) is the scientific measurement for the pungency of hot peppers. We know this pepper is seriously hot. This is the second season we’ve grown them and they’ve been included in numerous tasting sessions and they tick all the boxes.

And if you are interested in the Armageddon chilli you may want to try our appropriately named new hot sauce called “Armageddon, The End”… a new super-hot sauce blended to bring out the flavour of this amazing chilli. Consider adding a bottle to your basket. It’s special stuff. 🙂