Chilli Ranch – Pure Heat Chilli Sauce

Chilli Ranch – Pure Heat Chilli Sauce


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Pure Heat is a deliciously spicy hot sauce which is made from … wait for it … nearly two thirds pure, fresh blended red chilli! The hot peppers used to make it are specifically grown for natural flavour and sweetness, hand-picked and then immediately, cooked, processed and bottled to capture all the freshness. The flavour is clean, uplifting and piquant without being overpowering. Pure Heat is exceptionally versatile and was created by their consultant chef to be the ultimate gourmet experience in spicy food. So much so that it will add a bit of magic to any dish but works particularly well with red meats. A spoonful will transform any winter-warming lamb casserole or just add a dollop or seven to a juicy beef steak for the ultimate taste-bud-tingling extravaganza.