1x Apache Chilli Plant

1x Apache Chilli Plant


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This offer is for ONE (1) Apache chilli plant.  You can either collect the plant from here at the Ranch or we’ll ship it to you.

The ‘Apache’ is a dwarf chilli pepper, which is ideal for growing in a pot on your windowsill or in your conservatory. It bears masses of medium-sized, hot chillies in a variety of colours from yellow to red. The chillies measure up to 75,000 on the Scoville Scale. For the hottest chillies, you should grow your ‘Apache’ in full sun and water sparingly.

The plant will be carefully packaged and shipped via Royal Mail. We’re charging our standard £4.95 for postage and packaging.

These are NOT plug plants. These plants have been re-potted into one litre pots and we’ve given them time to root in.

Thank you again for continuing to support us and we hope you get a bumper crop of chillies this season.  Why not consider joining us for one of our Chilli Growers Workshops or our highly acclaimed Chilli Sauce and Jam making workshop