Pre-order 5kg Naga chilli peppers

Pre-order 5kg Naga chilli peppers


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You are placing a ‘pre-order’ for 5kg  Naga Chilli Peppers.  These peppers will be grown-to-order here at the Chilli Ranch by Edible Ornamentals during the 2024 season.    When we are ready to harvest them (between August and November) we will contact you.  The chillies will be picked and shipped straight away so you receive the freshest British grown chillies.  Alternatively, collect them from the Ranch if you wish.

You will receive 5kg of fresh, Bedfordshire grown Naga chilli peppers.  The price is £168.94.  Please note that this order will show ‘Local Pickup’; however, at the time of harvest we will contact you to arrange shipping and payment for shipping or you are also very welcome to collect from the Chilli Ranch if you prefer.

Terms and Conditions:  Please refer to our Trade/Wholesale – Chilli Ranch page for a full description of how the pre-order programme works as well as more information about our services and terms and conditions.  If you are interested in 50kg or more please email

Please note:  These will be picked and supplied ripe unless you specifically contact us and reference this order and request these to be delivered green.

Do you produce and sell gourmet chilli products?  We stock a selection of premium artisan products sourced directly from our customers.  These are included and promoted in our hosted tasting sessions and chilli experiences here at the Chilli Ranch.  We have one of the highest footfall chilli shops in the UK.  If you are interested in stocking your products here please let us know and we will be happy to consider them.

Please email us with any questions or if we can help with anything.

Pre-order 5kg Naga chilli peppers