AutoPot 4 Pot System with 47L Tank

AutoPot 4 Pot System with 47L Tank


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AutoPot 4 Pot System

Automatic irrigation using no power!

A complete 4 Pot Autopot system comes fully boxed and ready to set-up. This is quite possibly the simplest, and most reliable growing system available today. Whether you’re just starting out growing your own food or expanding an existing growing space Autopots are a great way to grow plants fast and economically.


Automatically delivers fresh nutrient solution when the water level runs low.

Fast-growing plant system

Many Autopots can be used together to cover a large garden space

Simple, reliable and excellent value-for-money

15 Litre pots allow plants to grow large and healthy root-systems

Different Header Tank options are available separately


4 x 15 Litre Square Pots

4 x Single Pot Trays

4 x Aqua Valves,

4 x Root Control Discs

2 x 6mm cross connectors

4 x 6mm tee

1 x 6mm golf filter

1 x 47 litre tank & lid

1 x top hat grommet

1 x 4 metre length of 6mm Flexi-Pipe

How the Autopot – 4-Pot System Works:

In this system, plants grow in 4 x 15 Litre square pots which sit in plastic trays. Also in the tray is a unique device called the auquavalve. Nutrient solution (sold separately) is gravity fed from a 47 litre tank via 6mm Flexi-pipe. The Flexi-pipe connects to each of the four Aquavalves.

The Aquavalve allows the watering system to automatically fill the bottom of the tray to a depth of 20mm. The water in the tray lifts a float which switches off the flow from the Header Tank. The nutrient solution in the Autopot Tray then waters the pot from the bottom as the substrate in the pot wicks the solution up.

The Smart Valve remains completely shut until all of the nutrient solution in the bottom of the Autopot has been used up. When the bottom of the tray is dry the Smart Valve opens and again allows the Tray to be filled with 20mm of nutrient solution from the Header Tank.

The Smart Valve operates as and when necessary, increasing the frequency of the watering as the plants grows larger and thirstier. A root control disc at the bottom of the 15 Litre pots prevents soil or substrate from falling out of the bottom while a copper disc in the bottom of the Autopot Tray prevents roots from growing into the Aquavalve outlet.

Using the Autopot 4-Pot System:

The system can be put together in different ways depending on your circumstances. Set-up is actually very simple – see the diagram for examples. All you need to do is run 6mm pipe from the 47 litre reservoir to your Aquavalves. The Aquavalves sit inside each tray, filling them up to a level of 20mm as and when needed.