One Kilo Fresh Red Chillies

One Kilo Fresh Red Chillies

Get fresh chillies delivered to your door from the Chilli Ranch.


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One Kilo Fresh Red Chillies.  This offer is for one kilo of FRESH standard red chillies.  The variety received will depend on what is being picked or what is available at the time of the order.  Typically you should expect to see ripe Fresno, Serenade, Jalapeno, etc. or a mix of these types of chillies.  They are ideal as a base for any recipe and can be frozen, dried, or smoked to create chipotle and other unique products.  During our harvest season these will likely come straight from our own polytunnels.  When we are not picking we will source from other local producers.

We also offer these in a frozen form.  Please check here if you would prefer to purchase frozen.