Rooster Spur Plant

Rooster Spur Plant


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This offer is for one Rooster Spur Plant.

Whilst tiny and unintimidating, rooster spur chillies do pack a punch at 180,000 Scoville. The Rooster Spur is a very bushy plant that only needs a small pot, 1 litre to 5 litres, and the plant can produce hundreds of tiny chillies.

The plant will be carefully packaged and shipped via Royal Mail. We’re charging our standard £4.95 for postage and packaging.

These are NOT plug plants. These plants have been re-potted into one litre pots and we’ve given them time to root in.

Thank you again for continuing to support us and we hope you get a bumper crop of chillies this season.  Why not consider joining us for one of our Chilli Growers Workshops or our highly acclaimed Chilli Sauce and Jam making workshop