​Instructions:  Please use the form below to request trade prices for chillies, chilli plants, gourmet products, or other services.  We’ll get back to you with prices and further information.  Wholesale prices, including special discounts for pre-orders, are available for orders of 5kg or more.  More detailed information about the products and services we supply to our trade partners can be found on our Wholesale page.
Chillies:  Please share as much detail as possible about what you require. 

  1.  What variety or varieties do you need?
  2.  What colour do you want the pods to be?  Green, Red, or other?
  3.  Do you want them fresh, frozen, dried or smoked?
  4.  How many kilos do you require in 2021?  

Plants:  Do you require chilli plants wholesale in 2021?  If so, what varieties and quantities do you need?
Our gourmet products:  Do you want to stock our sauces and jams?  Which products are you interested in and how many do you need?​  

Other services?  Can we help with anything else such as packaging, labelling, barcodes, nutritional information, shelf life testing, etc.