Father’s Day Gift Package

BBQ’s and dads are practically synonymous, aren’t they? So why not celebrate Father’s Day with a gift that keeps on giving throughout the BBQ season!

We are offering a BBQ gift package for £14, which includes a Chilli Plant, Cherwood Rub and Dad’s Hot Sauce.

Chillies are a delicious addition to any BBQ or meal and growing them yourself makes everything taste SO much better! From chilli plant experts to chill plant novices, our chilli plants can be grown by anyone, and we will even provide a guide to help steer your dad in the right direction.

Cherwood Rub is the ultimate spice rub for Dad’s BBQ needs. He can rub it into his brisket, ribs, pork belly and season veggies with it! Or even mix it with some sour cream to create a delicious dip for chips and veggies. With its exceptional smoky flavour, Cherwood Rub will amp up your dad’s barbecuing game.

Dad’s Hot Sauce is only for the bravest of Dad’s. If he’s strong enough, he can use it as a relish on his barbecued burgers and hot dogs. Otherwise, the sauce is a delicious addition to a chilli or pasta sauce, to add that extra Habanero and Naga kick.

This gift package will be packaged in protective packaging for delivery, which will cost £4.95. It will include one of our finest chilli plants, a jar of Cherwood Rub, and a jar of Dad’s Hot Sauce. Collection at the Ranch will also be available the following business day. Please specify in the comments if you would like the gift package to be shipped week commencing Monday 14th June, in time for Father’s Day on 20th June or if you would like us to ship immediately.  If you do not specify, we will ship immediately.  Please order by 10am, 15th June to ensure Royal Mail has sufficient time to deliver before Fathers Day.

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