Chilli Sauce Making
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Chilli Sauce Making

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  • Cherwood Nursery, Chawston, Beds, MK44 3BL
  • 02/05/2021
  • All Day

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Chilli Sauce Making
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Chilli Sauce Making

Cherwood Nursery, Chawston, Beds, MK44 3BL

All Day


Chilli Sauce Making

Cherwood Nursery, Chawston, Beds, MK44 3BL

All Day


This fun, hands-on workshop has been running for more than four years now and has had many positive reviews.

When you grow chillies you soon learn they frequently ripen all at the same time. This workshop is for those of you who want to transform those spicy beauties into a sauce or jam that will last all year long that you can use to spice up all types of food.

This course is all about cooking up sauces, jams, pickles using chillies. We hope to inspire you to develop the skills and confidence you need to develop your own signature product that you can enjoy yourself as well as share with family and friends.

This is delivered in an informal, interactive, and friendly environment in the test kitchen here at the ranch. Here’s an example of the topics we’ll cover:

Some facts about chillies
Tasting session of sauces and chillies
Styles of Sauces
Flavour options and combinations
Creating textures
Balancing flavour and heat
Practical advice and chef’s shortcuts


Hot and cold beverages
70% hands-on practical
Your own sauces to take home
Use of Edible Ornamentals Test Kitchen
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