Chilli Plants

Welcome to Chilli Plant HQ UK

Our very first product line was chilli plants and until 2004 chilli, veggie and herb plants was all we sold.  Although the business has evolved over the past 20 years one thing hasn’t changed.  We still sell tens of thousands of chilli plants every season.  Whether its here on the website or in our plant nursery at the Chilli Ranch you will find dozens of varieties of chillies, veggies, herbs and  fruit plants for sale throughout the season and especially between April and July.

We also specialize in niche varieties such as Lemon Drop, Chocolate Habanero, Peach Bhut Jolokia, Carolina Reaper, Dorset Naga and many more.

Our mission is to encourage EVERYONE to grow and cook with chillies and this season is no exception.  Obviously, we’ve been in lockdown like everyone else; however, we’ve been using this time to produce as many excellent quality plants as possible.  We’ve invested in upgrading and expanding our growing spaces, we’ve introduced NEW varieties that we’ve never sold before.

Currently our range of chilli plants are far too big to be mailed to your door, but check back in spring 2022 and we will have a variety available to order! Or visit us in Bedfordshire where we will have chilli plants available to purchase until the end of the chilli growing season.